5 important things to do if you are still in college/entering as a freshman this Fall.

College is one of the most important and exciting time of our lives. The transition from high school to college is a mixed feeling for most people, we often revolve around missing high school to being excited for college.

And when college starts, for most part, we get caught up in doing fun things in college and leaving the important part for later. But the hard fact about college is that "College isn't forever".

So, the top five things I feel you should take into consideration if you are still in college or entering as a freshman this fall are:


You know, if you take any of my book or you know my favorite articles to read to any of my family member and you can swear to God, but he/she will never believe you that it is me who is reading that book or these are my favorite articles to read, because that is who I was till my Grade 12 in high school. I was just into sports, and anything else just didn't matter to me.

Entering into college I took a completely different path, and it helped in ways I swear I cannot explain.

I read a lot of books, articles , magazines, did a lot of research on different career paths you can take, on personal growth, on different college application processes, on building your portfolio etc. etc.

It helps you broaden your vision, your perspective on a lot of things changes altogether, you feel a completely different human being from the mindset you develop.