Are you a medical student or a NEET aspirant? This blog might interest you.

"I don’t regret choosing medicine as my profession. Although there are times when I feel like I should’ve pursued some light course but these thoughts are temporary and short lived. I am happy with my decision of choosing MBBS and I am ready to face all the challenges that will come my way."

Over the last few months, I talked to a lot of young students who are really not sure of what they want to do moving forward right out of high school, and what is the right choice for them. Even after their parents have agreed to them doing whatever they want, it's still a frenzy to them.

So, I got into the mind of a young second year MBBS student to get insights into what it was like in the last 2 years of high school and how he approached the test that got him into one of the most prestigious colleges in the state.

I talked to Umaid Altaf Pandit, a medical student in his sophomore year, studying in Government Medical College, Srinagar having completed his schooling from Tyndale Biscoe School.

Before we jump into post high school mindset, I asked Umaid what was it like in his last two years of high school, which subject he opt for and why and what eventually led him to GMC. To which he had a very straightforward answer

  • To be honest, it is something that is somewhere there in the back of your mind right from class 11th onwards, irrespective of the fact whether you are preparing for it or not. Everyone knows that they have to appear in some competitive exam after 12th, but very few show that dedication from the beginning. Talking about my experience, all I knew in 11th was that I have to appear in NEET after 12th but I had no knowledge about how to approach it. So all I wanted to acquire in my higher secondary school were good grades with no emphasis on NEET. But that did eventually help me during my preparation for NEET as I had already grasped most of the basics from all the topics. So I would say I was not particularly preparing for NEET in my 11th 12th, which of course was wrong as one should strive hard for it from 11th standard itself as the competition nowadays is very intense and MBBS seats are very limited. Also proper guidance from a teacher or any elder who has acquired good amount of knowledge in this sphere is important so that one would exert himself in the right direction. Coming back to the question, I chose science as I was unclear with what I had to do going ahead in my life. Also, my parents wanted me to choose science so I opted for it as it seemed to be a safer option, which would offer me multiple career options to pursue after 12th.

Then, we had a very detailed conversation about all that went into it which I have summed up in a Q/A format.